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Monte & Coe x Machine Era Pen with Black Case

Monte & Coe x Machine Era Pen with Black Case

Introducing the ultimate collaboration between Monte & Coe and Machine Era – a handcrafted vegetable-tanned leather pen case made with precision and passion in Montreal. This exclusive case, designed to house the exquisite Machine Era pen, combines timeless craftsmanship with modern functionality. Handcrafted from premium leather, the case ensures durability and a rich, evolving patina over time, providing a luxurious home for your favorite writing instrument.

The Machine Era pen, constructed from lead-free brass, offers a hefty weight and balanced feel for exceptional comfort during use. Precision machined in the USA, it features a threaded cap to keep ink secure and prevent leaks, compatible with the renowned Pilot G2 cartridge. Compact and stylish, this pen and case set is perfect for jotting down notes, journaling adventures, or sketching new designs, elevating your everyday carry with unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative design.

Product Details

• Black leather pen case
• Handcrafted in Montreal
• Lead-free brass pen body
• Precision machined in the USA
• Hefty weight and balanced feel
• Patinas to a golden brown over time
• Compatible with Pilot G2 cartridge (included)
• Threaded cap prevents leaks
• Cap screws onto back during use
• Compact and stylish design for everyday carry

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