Merino & Italian Wool

Discover the essence of our everyday essentials – they're effortlessly durable, naturally luxurious, and multi-seasonal, thanks to one key ingredient: wool.

Our wool embodies understated luxury, harmonizing natural splendor with ethical sourcing. Sourced from generational producers in Italy and the Netherlands from ethically-raised sheep, our wool supports a sustainable ecosystem and captures unique, natural textures. Shearing practices prioritize the sheep's well-being and health, ensuring no harm in the process.

Monte & Coe's wool stands in stark contrast to synthetic materials derived from non-renewable resources. It represents not just a choice of luxury but a commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly future. Discover the seamless blend of nature's best and conscientious craftsmanship in every piece.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Monte & Coe's Vegetable Tanned Leather epitomizes luxury, blending natural beauty with a commitment to ethical sourcing. Sourced from Nebraska's free-range cattle ranchers, our leather promotes a sustainable ecosystem and showcases unique, character-rich imperfections.

Our skilled artisans in Minnesota use a traditional vegetable tanning process with natural bark extracts, taking 60-70 days to create a vibrant, full-grain leather.

As our leather ages, it develops a distinctive patina, narrating your personal story. Committed to sustainability, our tannery features a water recycling plant, minimizing waste and environmental impact. In contrast to common chrome tanning and synthetic alternatives, Monte & Coe offers a chemical-free, craftsman-safe leather, symbolizing both timeless elegance and a commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

Experience Monte & Coe's harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship in every luxury piece.

Waxed Cotton Twill

Experience the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship with our 18oz waxed cotton twill, a testament to the enduring legacy of American heritage. Meticulously curated from a storied textile atelier nestled in the heart of Missouri, USA, this fabric echoes the spirit of time-honored traditions blended with the sophistication of modern, sustainable fashion.

Each yard of our waxed cotton twill is a canvas of resilience and elegance. The fabric, lovingly woven from the finest cotton fibers, undergoes a transformative process with heirloom wax formulations. These carefully selected waxes, cherished through generations for their superior quality, bestow upon the fabric a remarkable dexterity. The thoughtful application ensures an exquisitely high melt point, exceptional water resistance, and a steadfast color that does not transfer.